Contingent talent
management for the
world we work in.

TalentFusion is built for now.

We harness the power of social media, branding, loyalty marketing, data, and AI to build dynamic, always-on Branded Talent Communities of highly qualified–and highly satisfied–candidates.

It all begins with brand

When it comes to talent, your brand is your not-so-secret weapon. So don’t be afraid to use it. But that means more than slapping a logo on a job board. It means creating real engagement and providing real value. Our Branded Talent Communities turn your contingent workers into advocates incentivized to do your recruiting for you. It’s like loyalty marketing but for talent, turning the hiring process into a virtuous circle of brand love.

How we do it.

Treat talent like it’s talented.

No more impersonal candidate profiles. AI and human vetting go way beyond the CV to get the best talent for the job and the best fits for your culture, values, and ways of working.

Integrate with ease.

We integrate with any VMS, partner with any MSP, and provide global EoR compliance and payroll for a turnkey approach that ensures a cohesive candidate experience. And, we integrate with LinkedIn, What’s App, and Glider.

Keep your talent transparent.

Our Branded Talent Communities are totally transparent. You can see the communications that are keeping them engaged. Plus, hiring managers have a complete view into all their talent.

Turbocharge your referrals.

Your Branded Talent Communities members’ personal networks are reservoirs of untapped talent. Our referral strategy incentivizes your Branded Talent Communities members’ to help with the recruiting, making talent acquisition easier and faster.

Put data to work.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. With rich data and actionable insights presented on snazzy dashboards you’ll get the 100% of your talent picture 100% of the time. See how candidate pools pair with your job reqs, predict future needs, and optimize pricing based on market trends.

Use tech and content that connects.

With features and functionality like a branded app, a conversational AI chatbot, community forums, programmatic marketing, and omnichannel communications, our award-winning marketing agency will create branded content that keeps talent engaged—willing to work and ready to recruit.

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