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We are in a new era of work. Quiet quitting. Five generations working together. A tight labor market. Remote. Hybrid. On premises. It’s a lot—and the conventional ways of talent management don’t work. For the talent, they’re too transactional. Inhuman, even. And, for employers, they all miss one major point:

Your brand attracts talent.

We believe the answer is truly branded communities that create a value exchange between your company and your talent. It’s not just slapping a logo on a job board. It’s creating dynamic communities that find the best talent, nurture it, and turn loyal workers into brand advocates with a clear impact on your business.

That’s the power of TalentFusion.

The TalentFusion Impact


Reduction in Time to Hire

Hire Faster.

Engaged, active communities move much faster than job boards. So you have always-on talent, ready to rock on your jobs, because they’re kept warm by our talent experience teams. We build those communities with a hybrid of AI-human vetting that moves hiring along.

increase in referred candidates

Hire Bigger.

We stock dynamic talent pools for every kind of talent in every industry. Incentivized referral programs accelerate acquisition as your brand’s talent is rewarded for bringing in talent from their networks. Restock on demand with highly targeted paid and earned marketing campaigns.

Client and Candidate NPS SCORES

Hire Better.

A rewarding experience drives satisfaction for employers and candidates alike. As one of the largest MBE Talent companies in the US, we are driven by a passion for diversity. Our Branded Talent Communities are filled with candidates of varied backgrounds.


Cost Saving

Hire Cheaper.

A happy workforce is a happy balance sheet. We reduce traditional staffing and paid marketing through direct and referral acquisition. That drives lower costs, as does automated redeployment and FTE conversion.

Disrupt Your
Old Ways,
Not Your operations.

Changing an MSP requires all kinds of time and money. But implementing TalentFusion comes without risk–no required integrations or upfront costs. You can launch in as little as two weeks and enjoy benefits like saving 10-25% per worker per hour and help shape the next generation of talent acquisition with TalentFusion advisory board membership.

Requested Integrations

Start-up Costs

Weeks to Launch

Five Generations of talent.

With Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation coming together, teams have never been so complex. Our Branded Talent Communities customize channels, content, and incentives to engage the entire active workforce.

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